Still Working on Ashley's 9th Grade Curriculum

I've still been trying to finish up Ashley's curriculum. So far I've done the yearly plan for the following courses:

  • US History

  • Biology

  • English

  • Health

I still have to figure out Spanish (her selected language elective), Geometry (having problems finding course info for Geometry), Music, Art, Web Design, and Forensics (another elective she chose). I'm not even halfway with her curriculum! This isn't it is nearing the end of July, school's supposed to start in just over a month, and I haven't finished Ashley's curriculum, let alone Dakota's, Amber's and Kia's.

How I Plan

I'm not really trying to get a daily activity plan set up, or even a weekly "set in stone" plan...I'm trying to set a general guideline of what I want to do in each course so that I have something to keep me on track.

My goal is to have a general year outline of what I plan to teach each week, then each month I will go through the material and set up a daily activity plan, including in-class activities, homework, tests and worksheets.

What I want to know is how other homeschooling moms do it. Do y'all schedule the entire year in advance, like I'm trying to do, or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Am I putting too much work into this curriculum creating venture?

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