Free Elementary Math Homeschool Curriculum

free homeschool math curriculum

Elementary Grades Free Math Curriculum

I have started creating my other kids' curriculums for the coming school year. Ashley's math curriculum isn't complete; she's going to take Geometry, and I haven't found a resource for that yet. :-( So in the meantime, I decided to work on the younger kids' math curriculum.

I found a wonderful FREE elementary grades homeschool curriculum that I plan to use for Kiara, Amber and Dakota. The site offers worksheets, lesson plans, even a suggested daily schedule for the lessons.

I think the neatest thing about this free math curriculum is that it teaches in a "cyclical" method. I didn't understand this at first, but basically what it means is that it cycles through each of the several different elementary grades math categories, teaching a lesson from one category the first day, then the next category the second day, and so on. It's actually a good way to teach elementary kids math.

By teaching elementary grades math in this cyclical manner, all the material is fresh in their minds, and by the end of the year, they will have absorbed more of the material. Just my personal opinion of course! ;-)

So if you're looking for free elementary homeschool math curriculum, I highly recommend the CSMP program.

If you check it out, let me know what you think of it!

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