Kindergarten Skills

Need an idea of what your kindergartner needs to know by the end of kindergarten? If you're homeschooling, this list may help you determine the basic kindergarten skills you need to teach her. This list is based on my daughter's evaluations from kindergarten, and homeschooling research I have done online.

Kindergarten Language Skills

  • Recognizes all capital letters

  • Recognizes all lowercase letters

  • Can recognize all letter sounds

  • Can write own name

  • Can copy letters

  • Identifies basic colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink

  • Names days of the week

Kindergarten Math Skills

  • Counts to 100 (by end of year)

  • Understands addition concept

  • Understands subtraction concept

  • Copies numbers

  • Personal Knowledge

  • Knows full name

  • Knows address

  • Knows birthday and age

  • Knows phone number

  • Knows parents' names

Kindergarten Motor Skills

  • Zips zippers

  • Fastens buttons

  • Fastens snaps

  • Ties shoes

  • Catches/throws a ball

  • Hops or skips

This list of kindergarten skills is a generic and widely accepted list. Kindergarten skills can vary; feel free to use your creativity, and teach your kindergartener skills that YOU want her to learn! Explore a number of school subjects with your kindergartener! This is the time when children are curious about everything, and fueling their interest is so much fun.

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