High School Writing Prompts

high school writing prompts

I am currently working on creating Ashley's 9th grade curriculum, and I realized that I don't have any ideas for her journal entries...sometimes she has a hard time deciding what to write about. Therefore, I've been looking for English writing prompts for her journal writing, and I found some great ones to use that I wanted to share. I was surprised when I found ones that I can use for some paper assignments too!

Writing Prompts for High School

This is a link to a pdf file that offers several suggestions for paper assignments. It includes the following types of high school writing prompts:

  • Cause and effect;

  • Definition (speech writing);

  • Expository and Informative Writing Prompts;

  • Persuasive Essay;

  • Descriptive Essays;

  • Persuasive Essays;

  • Narrative Essays;

  • Literature;

  • Non-fiction;

Write On Writing Prompts

I really like this site for high school writing prompts. Write On has an entire list of different types of writing prompts, although the link that led to the high school specific writing prompts is broken. I think a lot of the other ones could still be used for some high schoolers.

Creative Writing for Grade 9

There aren't too many listed on there right now, so I don't have a full year's worth from this site, but there are several that I can use.

Creative Writing Prompts

I've saved the best for last I think! This one has 329 different writing prompts; some are rather simple, some are challenging, but they're all perfect for journal writing!

I hope that this list helps some of you; let me know which writing prompts sites you like and which you don't, or please let me know if you know of some that I don't!

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