Free Homeschooling High School Curriculum

My oldest daughter is starting high school this fall. I am trying to find a good secular curriculum for high school. It's not easy! I've been having a really hard time!

Until I found this web site. It has a wealth of links to free high school homeschool curriculum. Here's a list of what this website offers for homeschool high school curriculum:

  • High School English

    • English Composition

    • English Grammar

    • Literature

    • Creative Writing

    • Screenwriting

    • Journalism

    • Debate

  • High School Math

    • Algebra I

    • Geometry

    • Pre-Calculus

    • Calculus

    • Probability & Statistics

  • High School Science

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Physics

    • Environmental Science

    • Forensics

  • High School Social Studies

    • American History

    • American Government

    • Free Enterprise

    • Western Civilization

  • Physical Education

  • Computers

    • Computer Literacy

    • Programming

    • Computer Science

  • Electives

    • Foreign Language

      • French

      • German

      • Icelandic

      • Italian

      • Ancient Greek

      • Modern Greek

    • Social Sciences

      • History of American Religion

    • Science

      • Astronomy

    • Fine Arts

      • Music Theory

      • Music Appreciation

If you are looking for free homeschool high school curriculum, Hoagies' Gifted is the perfect resource for you! I found an entire full high school curriculum for my daughter, and I am so excited!! It's not going to cost me a thing!! Well, some of the courses do require text books...but, some of them are really cheap on Amazon, and I'm sure it will be cheaper than a "traditional" curriculum which would cost a LOT more!!

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