Homeschooling Time Management

One of my biggest problems last year with homeschooling was finding time for everything. If I did every subject with all 3 girls, I didn't get laundry or vacuuming done...if I did some of my housework, I didn't have enough time for every subject in school.

I would try to make schedules for the kids to adhere to, only to find that incidentals didn't allow us to stick to the schedules, and our entire day was up in the air.

I tried creating different schedules, including switching school subjects from day to day, to setting up an hourly class schedule, planning cleaning chores for each day...but nothing I tried worked! It was really frustrating for me, and also for my kids.

The kids had projects they wanted to do, topics they wanted to study, that we weren't able to get to due to our scheduling and time management issues. I have been worried about this for this coming school year, but I think I have found an e-book that will help.

I downloaded this e-book for free from this website. The writers of this e-book actually interviewed hundreds of homeschooling moms to find out what worked for homeschooling time management.

It's a great resource, and best of all, it's free! Download your copy and let me know if it helped you with your homeschooling time management. :-)
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