Homeschooling Distance Learning

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Some parents enjoy teaching their children. It’s hands on, and you get to spend time with them as they learn. The challenge comes as they get older; it can be harder to determine exactly what they should be learning, and if you don’t know the material, it can be hard to teach. This is when distance learning may be an excellent option. There are many different types of distance learning options available.

  1. Software based curriculum. Software based curriculum, such as Switched on Schoolhouse, offers curriculum based on a textbook and software for your computer. Make sure you check the computer requirements prior to purchasing; what a disappointment it would be if you purchased the software, but were unable to use it!
  2. Online courses. So many online courses exist for homeschooolers; many states offer free online schooling. Texas offers a program for people wishing to educate at home and will even provide a free computer and other supplies. The only drawback to such programs is that students must still follow public school schedules. However, there are online programs available exclusively for homeschoolers.
  3. Correspondence Classes. Correspondence courses are usually completed by mail, but with new technology, some may be available over the Internet. Alpha Omega and Cambridge Academy are a couple of places offering correspondence classes.
  4. Cyber Schools. Another form of homeschooling distance learning is cyber schools. These are schools that exist entirely online; most do not have a physical location at all. Time4Learning is one example.
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