Website for Home Schooled Kids

I have had an epiphany!!

It's hard to meet other homeschooled kids...That's my kids' biggest problem. So I've just had an epiphany...I can create a parent-monitored website for homeschooled children! Here are the thoughts I've had so far:

A Homeschooling Social Site for Homeschooled Children

I have not seen very many homeschooling social sites...there are a few, don't get me wrong. BUT my idea is to create a homeschooling social site that is for both parents AND kids. A safe, moderated site so nothing is being posted that is inappropriate for children.

I DEFINITELY want your input, so please leave comments advising what you think, ideas, etc. etc.

Moderated Homeschooling Forum

I will have a forum for homeschooled kids, where they can get homework help, share ideas, or just talk to other homeschooled kids. I will also have a homeschooling forum for parents, where they can share homeschooling curriculum, discuss different resources...other topics can be suggested...

On either forum, any posts will have to be moderated; this will make sure the site remains a safe place for homeschooled children, even when Mom & Dad aren't looking over their shoulder.

Monitored Homeschooling Profiles

Kids & Parents will each be able to have profiles on the site, similar to Myspace or Facebook...but membership will be monitored, and need to be approved. Some may think this will be annoying, but the purpose is to make a safe environment for kids of all ages.

Profiles will include pictures, documents (to share assignments, poems, stories, that kind of thing, but this is just a concept, let me know what you think) groups, blogs, friends, etc...

Safe Homeschooling Chat

I can schedule chats for kids, monitored by an adult...this way no one is being lured into meetings by adults posing as kids, no sexual conversations are happening, and kids aren't sharing any personal information.

Another use of the safe homeschooling chat could be homework help sessions, or even some online classes...what do you think?

I'm really excited about this, as it will give my children a way to talk to other homeschoolers! can we perhaps plan local get togethers?

Local Homeschooling Activities Planning

I would need to figure out a way to safely plan homeschooling activities; and somehow integrate this between parents and way to do this is by actually reading posts and through the scheduled chats...I would like to have something set up regionally; after all, meeting other homeschooling kids is the whole point, right?

To successfully accomplish allowing homeschooling kids to get together locally, I would probably need to get a mom volunteer (or more, depending on the size of the location) that can moderate and coordinate local activities. The problem is, how do I compensate the moms for the time spent? Or do I just ask for other homeschooling moms to volunteer their time? What do y'all think?

Please, y'all, I think this homeschooling social site for kids is a really great idea, and I'm looking for input...what do you think of the idea? What do you think I should add? What do you, as a homeschooling parent, want to see on a social site for your kids? I want any ideas you can come up with...ANY ideas!


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