A Great Reading Resource!!

I have been looking for something to help teach my son how to read. The boy is SO super smart, he just doesn't like to learn things that he has to stay still for...the only time I can get him to stop moving is to give him a puzzle, or put him on the computer. Therefore, it has been hard teaching him to read!
Today, I was surfing the web when I came across Starfall. Starfall is a free website that has a vast collection of games and activities to help teach your child how to read, while keeping them engaged and interested.
Here is a screenshot of Starfall's Learn to Read page:

Learn to read with Starfall
As you can see, Starfall has a ton of options to choose from!! Here's another screenshot of one of their activities:
Learn to read with Starfall
In this one, your child learns to read by selecting the appropriate letters to create the word matching the picture. My son really enjoys Starfall so far, they have great audio that says the sounds, and helps him sound them out. And, as I've pointed out before, the best way to teach kids how to read is to learn phonics!
They even have alphabet activities for preschool level readers, or younger readers. Look at this screenshot from Starfall:
Learn to read with Starfall
Here's a screenshot from one of Starfall's reading activities. It's an actual story that the website reads to your child, sounding out each letter first. This is an excellent resource! I can't recommend Starfall enough!!
Learn to read with Starfall

If any of y'all have experience (good or bad!) with using Starfall to help your child learn to read, let us know!

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