Personalized Books Make Reading Fun!

Some kids love to read, while others you may have to fight tooth and nail to get them to read. I have both in my family. My son fooled us into thinking he couldn't read for a long time! All because he hates to read. As a result, I've had to come up with ways to make reading more exciting.

One thing I have noticed about kids is that they love hearing about themselves...or at least mine do! They like looking at themselves in the mirror, they like hearing stories about themselves and they love telling others about their favorite subject as well.

Knowing this, I decided that it was time to try a more personalized approach to make reading fun for him. Personalized books are a great way to get him interested in reading because the story is all about him! I highly recommend that parents get their children a personalized book or 2...or 3 or 4! LOL

Not only do they help make reading fun, but they also make a child feel special. A personalized book makes a great gift, and a treasured keepsake as a personalized new baby gift.

Personalized Ballerina Princess Children's Book
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  1. CnD's Kids Says:

    I also homeschool and my older child was the same way! But with all the personalized gifts for kids on the market these days it makes it alot more fun to read about yourself!! I have designed my website to list as many personalized books as possible so you can find them all on one site.