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I have a new site that we have been using with our kids a lot. It's called, and it has a LOT of awesome things for your kids to do! Our favorite to put the kids on is their interactives page. Here's a short summary of everything this section of the site offers.

Math Resources

There are a few different categories of math interactives; 2 of these sections are for grades 6-8, and 2 sections are for grades 9-12.

  • Geometry 3D Shapes - This section teaches kids a variety of things about geometrical shapes, including how to calculate surface area, volume, and other facts about each shape. Designed for grades 6-8.
  •  Measurement - This section, also for 6-8 graders, focuses on teaching students the metric system. Because we use a variety of different measuring units here in the United States, it's important for students to be able to switch back and forth and convert the different measurements.
  • Daily Math Skills - This section is aimed at high school children. Teach your teens everyday math skills, such as playing games, cooking and making financial decisions.
  • Statistics - This section, also aimed at high school students, teaches statistics through news reports and a fictitious election polling system.
Language Interactives

Learning the many aspects of the English language is vital in school. The interactive and fun activities offered by make it fun and easy to learn them all.

  • Story Elements - Help your 2-5 grader learn about the different aspects of a story through this fun and entertaining interactive. Your child will be told a story, then asked questions based on the story. The narrative explains the details of all story elements, to make them better writers.
  • Historical Investigations - This is a fun activity for high school students. Through context clues and investigation, students will attempt to determine when and where historical events took place.
  • Literature - High school students can make literature come alive through this interactive! Read some literature and solve the mystery.
  • Spelling Bee - In this fun activity, students of all grades can participate in a good old-fashioned spelling bee! Depending on the grade level, students will be read words in context, then asked to spell them. Some grades can also get a definition of the word to help for contextual clues.
History & Social Studies

Many children find history a boring subject...these interactives can make it more fun than simply reading a text book and writing papers. Make it come alive, thereby helping them remember facts better!

  • US History & Geography - Kids get to participate in a fun and challenging activity that will help them learn the geography of our nation, and the history as well. This section is directed at kids in grades 5-8.
  • Civilizations - High school students can explore the fall of many historic civilizations in this fun activity.
  • Middle Ages - Make the real middle ages fun through this enthralling interactive. Aimed at high school students.
  • The Renaissance - High school students will learn about how Europe came out of the Middle Ages. (See if your high schooler can SPELL "renaissance"...I got it wrong!)
Science Interactives

Science can be a fun, hands-on part of homeschooling. These interactives offered by make it easy AND fun!

  • Our Earth - Learn all about what our planet is actually made of! Aimed at kids in grades 7-9.
  • Rocks - Once students learn all about what our planet is made from, they can learn about the different types of rocks. Designed for children in grades 7-9.
  • Amusement Park Physics - Turn that trip to Six Flags into an educational field trip! High schoolers will learn about how roller coasters and other rides are designed using Physics to ensure passenger's safety.
  • DNA - This is another set of interactive lessons aimed at high school students. Kids will learn about DNA and genetics.
  • Ecology - In this lab setting, students will create their own ecosystem, and learn how each part interacts with each other. Great way for high school kids to learn about the environment.
  • Garbage - With so many people going green, it's important to learn about garbage, and how we currently deal with it. This is a great way to teach high schoolers how & why to protect the environment.
  • Periodic Table - Chemistry is an important part of a high school curriculum. The periodic table can be challenging to learn; make it fun by using this fun interactive activity!
  • Volcanoes - High school students get the opportunity to glance into how and if volcanic eruptions can be predicted!
  • Weather - Another fun activity for high schoolers. In this one, your students will learn about the different types of weather.
This site has proven to be a great resource for our students. Have you used it? If you do use it, let us know what you think in the comments below!
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