Free Novel Study - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Many high school aged children read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in high school. If you're looking for a free novel study so your high schooler can study themes in this Mark Twain classic, check out the following sites!

Book Rags -  Book rags has chapter summaries, discussion on 3 different themes throughout the book - conformity, humanity and picaresque - and information on the plot, characters and author. There are some discussion questions, but they're pulled from Yahoo answers, which you could do on your own.

SCORE - I like this site a little better, simply because they have a variety of different assignments to choose from. Combined with the summaries from Book Rags, this could be a good resource for a study guide.

Glencoe - Glencoe offers a PDF file complete with vocabulary, discussion questions organized by groups of chapter. I like the fact that there are questions and assignments for every few chapters, but I do think that they are at a somewhat lower level than we should expect from high schoolers. The questions, IMHO, are aimed at a much lower audience, and let's face it, younger kids are not going to be reading about Huck Finn!

Spark Notes - I have left the best for last (but of course you should check out each one, in case your preferences are different than mine!). Why do I like this site so much? Well, they have chapter summaries, discussion questions AND essay topics. They also cover the plot and character analysis, explanations for several quotes from the book, and a list of key facts about the book. I definitely recommend this resource!
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