Math Honor Society for Homeschoolers

Is your child great in math? Home schooled students aren't eligible to join the National Math Honor Society Mu Alpha Theta, but they ARE eligible to join Mu Eta Sigma. Mu Eta Sigma is a math honor society strictly for homeschooled students.

Mu Eta Sigma Eligibility

Requirements for entry into the Mu Eta Sigma Math Honor Society are fairly straight forward:

  • Grades 9-12
  • Must be homeschooled
  • SAT Math test score of 580 or above
  • ACT Math test score of 24 or above
  • PSAT Math score of 58 or above

Why Join A Math Honor Society?

Joining Mu Eta Sigma looks great on college applications; really, any honor society your child can qualify for helps when applying to colleges. Upon acceptance, your student receives a certificate of membership, and the Honor Society keeps a National Registry of different community service projects done by each member. These can also be listed on high school transcripts that are sent to colleges.

If your child is gifted in math, this is an excellent opportunity! He or she will receive national recognition as well as a multitude of community service opportunities. Both look great on college applications.

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