Phonics Word Wheels

I'm working on teaching my son how to read...and I came across these Word Wheels. Not surprisingly, I found the word wheels on Super Teacher Worksheets! I love that site!

What is a Word Wheel?

A word wheel is 2 circles of paper (I used card stock for my word wheel) pinned together with a paper fastener. A "window" is cut out from the side of the top circle, so that you have a little view of the bottom circle. When you spin the top, you view different letters that are printed on the bottom circle.

Printed on the top circle, next to the window cut-out, are two letters, such as "at" or "it". The letters that appear through the "window" are the first letters in the word.

I know, it's hard to explain...but the battery on my camera is dead, other wise I would put a picture of my word wheel on here. I'll do that soon. ;-)

Let's say you have "at" printed on the TOP circle of your word wheel. Letters in the "window" (printed on the BOTTOM circle of your word wheel) could be "p" (p-a-t), "c" (c-a-t), or "m" (m-a-t).

The word wheel is a fun way to teach your child how to sound out words. My son loves it! Anyway, go check out the word wheels at Super Teacher Worksheets. Try them with your preschooler or kindergartner today!

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