Another great resource for homeschoolers is Super Teacher Worksheets. They offer a wide selection of free worksheets.

I use them for spelling words. They offer free spelling word lists and worksheets for grades 1 through 4. Amber's in second grade, so I get the free worksheets and free spelling word lists for grade 2. I like it because they also have free spelling lists for holidays.

Free English Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets also offers different types of free worksheets for English. Free worksheets for English include the following:

  • Grammar Worksheets
  • Graphic Organizers Worksheets
  • Cursive Writing Worksheets
  • Printing Worksheets
  • Phonics Worksheets
  • Proofreading Worksheets
  • Reading Worksheets
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheets
  • Writing Prompts

Free Math Worksheets

If you want some free math worksheets, Super Teacher Worksheets has those too! You can find free worksheets for the following:

  • Addition Worksheets

  • Counting Money Worksheets

  • Decimals Worksheets

  • Division Worksheets

  • Geometry Worksheets

  • Graphing Worksheets

  • Elapsed Time Worksheets

  • Fractions Worksheets

  • Basic Multiplication Worksheets

  • Advanced Multiplication Worksheets

  • Place Value Worksheets

  • Rounding Worksheets

  • Subtraction Worksheets

  • Telling Time Worksheets

  • Word Problem Worksheets

As you can see, Super Teacher Worksheets has a great variety of free math worksheets! You can also find fun puzzle worksheets too.

In addition to the great free worksheets, Super Teacher Worksheets offers great tools for teachers and information on all 50 states.

If you are looking for free worksheets for your kids, Super Teacher Worksheets is a great choice! Do you use them? Let me know what you think of the website!

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